Vendor Solution Manager

Kyiv, Ukraine

Do you want to join a growing team of top professionals who invest time and effort into teaching, career growth, and cultivating employees into the next generation of IT experts? You've come to the right place. 

Span Group employs more than 750 people, and this number is also constantly growing. More that 300 of our employees have one or more professional certificates. Become one of them!

We're searching for a skilled Vendor Solution Manager to connect SPAN with various vendors and distributors, discover new ones, and assist our clients in choosing the right services. This role involves building strong relationships with engineers, key account managers, and management, as well as maintaining open communication with vendors and distributors to gather essential information about new offerings, discounts, and programs. Staying updated on the latest industry trends, vendor developments, and identifying target customers is crucial. Excellent communication skills with vendors and distributors are a must.The ideal candidate will have a strong technical background, with experience in solution development and implementation, vendor management.

In summary, this role involves building relationships, staying informed about industry developments, and facilitating the flow of information between vendors, distributors, and clients to drive successful partnerships and sales.

What you'll do: 

  • Bridge the gap between SPAN and vendors/distributors.
  • Identify and onboard new vendors and distributors.
  • Assist clients in selecting suitable services.
  • Foster close connections with internal teams.
  • Stay informed about vendor trends and programs.
  • Maintain clear and effective communication with vendors and distributors.
  • Possess a basic understanding of products such as Cisco, Dell, and VMware.
  • Simplify technical information for customers.
  • Deliver compelling presentations on products, technology, and programs.
  • Collaborate with Key Account Managers to promote and sell vendor offerings.

We could be a perfect fit if you are: 

  • Approaching activities in a planned and organized manner, focused on essentials and working quickly and efficiently
  • Showing a strong desire for constant career development and gaining experience 
  • Inclined to innovate, always trying out different approaches and looking for new, better and more efficient ways of working
  • Appreciating and accepting differences, respecting other people and their opinions and ideas and readily giving them yourself

What's in it for you:

  • A team of top experts and outstanding support and synergy of the entire organization 
  • Competitive salary according to your experience
  • Premium medical insurance
  • In House testing center- we are giving you an option of gaining professional certificates
  • Mentor - no matter how much experience you've got, we will provide you with an adequate mentor
  • Regular feedback on your performance and personalized career development plan
  • Work on large and demanding international projects

Vendor Solution Manager

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Vendor Solution Manager

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